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EPEC 2016 Industry Call For Papers

The IEEE EPEC 2016 Organizing Committee is seeking proposals on topics related to the conference theme. Ideas on the topic areas are listed below. To ensure greatest participant (presenter and audience) value, pre-conditions to submission are as follows:

  1. Content and presentation are to be technical and non-commercial in nature. Commercial aspects are best received in the exhibition area or through other means available to Patrons.
  2. Author is receptive to Organizing Committee feedback for the purpose of ensuring consistency, flow with other presentations, and meeting attendee expectations (may seek potential participant feedback).
  3. Author is willing to, collaboratively, with the Organising Committee, help build awareness of the session to ensure greatest attendance.

This is an opportunity for the presenter to, for example, take credit for a novel solution, share information on a challenging or need-to-know matter, challenge the participants for a solution to an emerging or exiting elusive matter, etc.

The Proposal shall be submitted by email to addressing topics aligned with the examples listed below.

Areas of interest may be the following:

  1. Energy Storage (specific i.e., for ancillary service and impact on asset health or protection & control; for load profile shifting; assessment of type to application; etc.)
  2. STATCOMS (specific i.e., for transmission, distribution and intermittent generation)
  3. Grid Stability (in general i.e., power flow assessment and optimization/mitigation; protection & control approaches; phase balancing; monitoring tools & techniques; control at the “edge;” etc.)
  4. System Planning & Operation (i.e., requirements for generation – especially intermittent – integration; changes needed in assessment approach; protection & control; monitoring plus data sources, governance, & analysis; capacity optimization; taking advantage of nano / micro grids; novel / advanced restoration techniques; Grid topology and effect on resiliency (reliability, operation), cost, and integration of Smart Grid elements incl. generation; etc.)
  5. Cyber & Physical Security (i.e., evolution and revolution in approach; etc.)
  6. Climate Change & Impact on the Industry (i.e., standards; resource planning & dispatching and Grid operations; effects of population intensification; new regulations; extreme weather events; etc.)
  7. Infrastructure Investment (asset health assessment; asset optimization considering function and use; cradle-to-cradle approaches; GHG credits; etc.)

NOTE: Consider also presentation of information that “shakes the culture,” i.e., traditional thinking in Grid management (planning, operating, and maintaining), and standards (equipment, design, and installation).

For Industry Track submissions that are not intended for publication in IEEE Xplore, the presentation should be in Microsoft PowerPoint or equivalent. A conference branding background slide template will be provided if the submission is accepted. These presentations will be published by IEEE on the conference website, in the digest, or other form available to the conference participants.

Submissions for Industry Presentation are closed

Important Due Dates for Industry Presentations

Abstract Submission July 31, 2016 (Updated)
Draft Presentation August 30, 2016
Final Presentation September 28, 2016

Note: For those interested in submitting a Technical Paper for peer review and publishing in IEEE Xplore, the paper format must follow the IEEE conference paper style. EPEC 2016 will only accept the electronic submission of a full paper in English. See Authors for detailed information on the paper format and submission procedure.