Program: Industry Panel Sessions

IW3Wednesday 13:20-15:00

13:20 Panel on Hydro Power

Moderated by: J. Pellerin


  • Raj K. Arumugam (GE Energy)
  • Robbi Sohi (OPG)
  • Tony Tung (Hydraulic and Renewable Energy Technologies Inc.)
  • Aidan Foss (Innovative Hydro Controls Inc.)

IT2Thursday 11:00-12:20

11:00 Panel on Climate Change & Impact on the Industry

Moderated by: R. St. Jean


  • R. Donnelly (Hatch)
  • D. Huard (Ouranos)
  • D. McCarthy (CEA)

IT3Thursday 13:20-15:00

13:20 Panel on Energy Storage

Moderated by: A. Tuck


  • Khundmir Syed (ABB)
  • Kostya Khomutov (G Batteries)
  • Mark Tinkler (Customized Energy Solutions)