Tutorial 2: Wednesday Afternoon

Introduction to Smart Grid and Distributed Energy Resources Standards by IEEE SCC21

  • Mark Siira Mark Siira,
    ComRent International
  • Wayne Stec Wayne Stec,
    Distregen LLC

Tutorials are eligible Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Units (PDUs)! CEUs can be registered with the Engineering Institute of Canada. Tutorial 2 counts for 0.33 CEUs.

Attend this tutorial to obtain a working knowledge of the significant changes coming that are being enabled through new standards to be issued in 2017 2018 by the I EEE E and other standards making organizations.

This will include an update on the technical requirements and test requirements for grid interconnection that are included in the near final draft of IEEE 1547.


  • Introduction — IEEE standards development
  • Listing of IEEE 1547™ Distributed energy resources (DER) interconnection series
  • Listing of IEEE SCC21 2030™ Smart Grid series
  • Using the published IEEE 2030 standards (2030 and 2030.2)
  • Using the published IEEE 1547 & 1547.X Standards
  • Status of ongoing full revision of IEEE 1547 and 1547.1: DER interconnection interoperability, and interfaces
  • Closing remarks; getting involved; and discussion

Biography: Mark Siira

Mark Siira is the Director of Technology Strategy for ComRent International, a leader in load testing solutions for critical facilities and utility-scale systems. Mark is responsible for business development, external communication content and training. Prior to joining ComRent, Mark spent sixteen years in the industry developing solutions for distributed electric power systems.

Mark is a senior member of IEEE and currently active as a leader in several standards making organizations;

  • Vice-chair of Standards Coordinating Committee 21 that Oversees the development of standards in the areas of Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, dispersed Generation, and Energy Storage. Mark will become chair of this committee in 2017.
  • Working Group Chair of IEEE 2030.2 Guide for Interoperability of Energy Storage Systems, Vice-Chair for IEEE1547 Interconnection Standard Revision (new test requirements), and is sub-group chair of IEEE1547.1 commissioning.

Biography: Wayne Stec

Wayne Stec recieved his B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1977, and his MBA from DePaul University in 1988. He has over 35 years of experience in the electrical transmission and distribution industry and in consulting including protection systems, distribution systems, transmission systems, generation systems, storage systems, and advanced metering systems. He has been Principal at Distregen LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1999. Before that he was Director at R.W. Beck, Manager – Information Technology & Automation at ABB Power T & D, Sales Manager – Protection, Meters & Power System Studies at GE Energy, and Project Manager/Application Engineer/Power Systems Engineer at General Electric. Mr. Stec is a consulting engineer with leadership roles in the development of both the IEEE 2030 and IEEE 1547 standards.​