Tutorial 3: Friday Morning and Early Afternoon

Planning and Integration of HVDC into the Modern Grid

Tutorials are eligible Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Units (PDUs)! CEUs can be registered with the Engineering Institute of Canada. Tutorial 3 counts for 0.40 CEUs.

Target Audience

Developers, Utilities, Owners, ISOs that need to study/specify/implement HVDC solutions


Gaining a basic understanding of the characteristics of HVDC is a vital foundation to understanding its role in future transmission and how it can fit into the existing system. This post‐conference workshop will provide the building blocks for further discussions. Participants will examine HVDC history, basic theory, the various technologies in use on the market, practical applications based on completed projects in North America and around the world, and will touch on the potential of HVDC grids and its synergies with renewables, microgrids, grid resiliency, and other upcoming grid technologies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify potential opportunities for HVDC applications
  • Learn about the technologies on the market and their respective advantages
  • Discuss the various applications of HVDC
  • Review examples of real‐world HVDC projects
  • Understand how HVDC technology fits within the context of other technological grid
  • Introduction to HVDC control applications and potential interactions with the Modern Grid


  • Introduction to HVDC
  • Techno‐economic comparison: AC vs. DC
  • Interface requirements with the AC network
  • Converter technologies currently on the market (VSC vs. LCC)
  • Converter topologies: bipole, monopole, back to back, and types of return
  • Overview of the conversion process
    • Classic HVDC
    • Voltage sourced converters
  • Examples of projects and implementation in the Americas and across the world
  • Examples of projects
  • Challenges encountered
  • Synergies with upcoming technologies
  • Multi terminal HVDC and DC grids
  • HVDC and renewable energies
  • HVDC, microgrids and grid resiliency
  • HVDC control interactions in the modern grid

Biography: Tarek Abdel‐Galil

Dr. Tarek Abdel‐Galil is an Electrical Engineer with over 24 years’ experience in planning and operation of Power Transmission and Distribution systems. He has managed and conducted many long‐term planning investigations, generation interconnection assessments, engineering and feasibility studies. He is experienced in planning and operation of overhead and underground transmission and distribution facilities with extensive knowledge of the PSS/E, ETAP, CYME and PSCAD software packages. Recently, Dr. Abdel‐Galil participated in developing the long term transmission vision for British Colombia, Nova Scotia and Saudi Arabia long term master plan. In Alberta, he has managed and participated in developing the long term transmission plan for the Hanna and Red Deer regions and a number of wind interconnection assessments in the central and southern part of Alberta. In Ontario, Dr. Abdel‐Galil participated in several energy planning studies for First Nation Communities, mining companies, and the City of Thunder Bay. Prior to this, Dr. Abdel‐Galil was the coordinator of the power system consulting group at the Research Institute, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, where he conducted and managed several planning and engineering projects for Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, Saudi Electricity Company, Ministry of Water and Electricity, and SABIC. Dr. Abdel‐Galil is currently managing the system study group in SNC‐Lavalin T&D, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Abdel‐Galil is registered P. Eng. in Ontario and Alberta and Senior Member IEEE.

Biography: Maziar Heidari

Dr. Maziar Heidari is an electrical Engineer with 14 years’ experience in planning and operation of Power Transmission system with emphasize on HVDC, FACTS, and power electronics. He is experienced in HVDC system studies and power system simulation. Dr.Heidari obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 2010. Between 2010‐2015, He was with Teshmont Consultants LP, Winnipeg, Manitoba where he carried several HVDC system prefeasibility, feasibility, and design studies. Recently, Dr. Heidari joined SNC Lavalin T&D, Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a Lead HVDC/FACT Engineer. Dr. Heidari is a registered P. Eng in Manitoba and Member IEEE.